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Dark, dry lips can look very unattractive and lacklustre and for ladies they alter lip colours in an unflattering way.

It can come naturally or happen due to lifestyle habits including smoking, not exfoliating and moisturizing the lips enough.

A lot of women complain about dark lips not being sensual enough as well dampen lip colours when applied, thus not making it appear as vibrant as it should be. There are numerous products and treatment which works to lighten the lips but these two home remedies are safe, cheaper and come without side effects not to mention easy to create and use.

A. Lemon
Lemon is known for its bleaching/lightening properties, it is used a lot as a skincare 'product'. With lemon it's best to test a small area first as they can come off a harsh and drying and avoid sun exposure when using lemon (this remedy is best used overnight).

How to:

1. Squeeze out juice from fresh lemon and apply to lips after gently brushing on them (lips). Leave this on overnight and use continuously till desired shade is achieved.
2. Put sugar (granulated) on a thin slice of lemon and gently use to exfoliate all over the lips. This works to get rid of dead skin to reveal new skin (which may be all you need for a lighter/pink lips)

B. Sugar
Sugar is great for exfoliating/removing dead skin cells just like a scrub. It's used a lot in skincare as a great way to get rid of dead skin to reveal newer one.

How to:

1. Mix sugar, honey and olive oil together, mix thoroughly and gently apply on clean lips by scrubbing in short circular motions.
2. Blend sugar and natural Shea butter together to form a paste. Dampen the lips and gently work the paste on in short circular motions. You can use this as often as desired.

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