Health Tips: 5 body Parts That Gets Damaged When You Smoke

Smokers are liable to die young goes the popular saying which have often times been taken for granted by hard core smokers. Smokers have a higher risk of damaging parts of the body including the brain which becomes more prone to stroke, blood clot, blurred vision and many more. Persistent smoking results into a lot of issues for the body part and these ones especially can get damaged:

1. The Skin: Excessive smoking makes the skin age! It damages the skin because it speeds up the natural aging process putting a strain on it and usually can never be reversed. In the end, this could degenerate to skin cancer.

2. The Sex Organ: Male smokers are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction, making them prone to testicular cancer. In cases of the female smoker, she gets prone to cervical cancer.

3. The Joints: Smokers are more likely to have arthritis as well as pains and inflammation in the joints.

4. The Gum: Smokers are prone to bad breath, bleeding gums, pains and tenderness of the gums, tooth loss and more gum disease.

5. The Eyes: Smokers get blurred vision over time and mostly develop cataracts if the keep at it. The central vision (of the eye) gets worse with time for a smoker.

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