Ladies: Six Types of Men You Should Avoid Falling In Love With

No matter how pressed you are to get into a relationship, you owe yourself the duty and responsibility to look very closely before you leap into one. Regardless of how patient and considerate you are, your life will be a lot better if you avoid entering into a relationship with the type of men listed below

Man with no passion: As much as you might hate a man who is overly passionate about his job at your expense, the truth is that he is way better than one who has absolutely nothing that drives him. Find yourself a man with a passion, something that makes him burn... because a man that has no passion cannot make you better; and that is exactly what you need - a man who inspires and helps you to be better in every way.

Dishonest guy: What's love without trust? If you detect any shadiness or discover a lie from a man while you are yet to begin the relationship, that could be a big, big sign that he is a dishonest man.

Low self-esteem guy: When a man suffers from low self-esteem, he has too many things about himself that he hates, and this affects the way he sees himself, and ultimately affects the way he relates with you. You do not need a man who always feels the need to put you down, just to make himself feel good.

The unambitious: While you might see no problem in dating a man who is not yet the complete package, you should think twice about dating a man who goes through life without a definite plan. If a man is supposed to 'be in charge' but actually has no plan in place, it'll affect not just his life, but your relationship, too. "Where do you see yourself in 1 year," you ask, but he does not know. "How about in six months?" He does not know either.

Mr. Stingy: This is an absolute no-no and every woman deserves to be far, far away from such man. I mean what’s the point of dating a man that cares only about himself?

Unreliable man: A man who is never there for you does not deserve you. What is the point of being in a relationship who never shows up, or shows up when he is no longer needed? You want to be with a man you can rest on, someone you can lean on in your most trying times and rejoice with in your times of triumph.

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