Relationship Tips: 5 Major Habits That Could Ruin Your Relationships If Not Corrected

Before you get too deep and involved with a new partner, it is necessary to note what and what isn't too good about their personality. And when you discover these things, the point is to communicate and talk about them, and how erasing them can make your relationship beautiful in the long run.

Highlighted below are the 5 major habits you should watch out for before saying yes to your partner:

Rages at little things: Especially for women, a fiery temper from that new guy should set your alarm bells ringing. Of course, women have terrible anger issues too, but records of domestic violence shows that men are more inclined to injurious fits of anger than women.
So, if that new guy flies off the handle once or twice, no matter how justified he is, you should really be worried. It could escalate into something a lot uglier with time, and the effect of such rage on your relationship could be really extreme.

Talks down other people: Another thing that should worry you is if your new partner often talks down people, and belittles them. Yes, they are doing it to others, but soon enough, it would be you who is being harshly criticised without regard for how you feel.

Self-absorbed: People who constantly talk about themselves are usually self-absorbed and a bit narcissistic. If they hardly or never ask you questions about your day, your family, etc. When your spouse is someone who goes on and on talking about his or herself, then the probability is  that they do not care, or are self-absorbed to a fault. This is also a pointer to the possibility of a partner who has bad listening habits, and for communication which is very important in relationships to thrive, partners need to strike a very fine balance between talking and listening.

Out-and-Out violence: The talk of violence in relationships has gone on and on for a long, time, and no matter the opinions that have been shared, the most logical thing to do if a partner descends to the level of being outrightly violent against you is to leave immediately. No matter how new that relationship is, or how valid and explainable that action looks, getting out immediately is the most logical solution to violence.

Controlling / Manipulative: If you fall in love and enter a relationship with someone who shows a tendency of trying to control how your life runs, it will do you a lot of good to discuss it as soon as possible before it grows into something unbearable, and puts a strain on your relationship. Especially for free spirits, it is unwise to be in a relationship with someone who tries to command or order how your life should be run.

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