Politics: All You Need To Know About FML (First Massive Literati)

Vision: To build a just and egalitarian society.

Mission: To be at part in the area of development with China, Malaysia and Singapore which got their independence by 1960.

First Massive Literati, formerly known as National Youth Movement is formed to create a dynamic society built on the principle that a nation is strongest when its young citizens work together In unity to accomplish a better standard of living for all.

This Movement  believes in building the community up from its weakest point (Grass Roots), and enabling the poor and vulnerable populations to receive the assistance they need to have a better life. It also seeks to build and stimulate a workforce that will provide for a sustainable developed nation.

Objectives :
(1) To build a nation anchored on good governance. i.e... government of the extra ordinary people, and for ordinary people.

(2) To build a government that will provide ;
(a) Quality Free Education for it's citizens.
(b) Quality and Sustainable Health Care System for every citizen.
(c) Employment for Every Citizen so as to improve their standard of living.

(3) To Build a Government of Unquestionable Leaders and not Questionable Rulers.

(4) To Build a Government Based on "The Principle of the Herdsmen" . (Carrying everyone along) 

(5) To Build A Government that will enable Nigeria take her pride of place in Africa, and lead the rest of the continent to prosperity and political significance in the committee  of Nations.
This will be  achievable through vibrant youth leadership Skills Acquisition and well focused Citizens & visionary leaders.

(6) To Build a Government and social structure that will ensure the nation's resources are utilized for the people, and by the people with the aim alleviating and ultimately eradicating poverty and illiteracy.

(7) Build a Government that will provide Food Security through Advanced and Modern Agricultural Practices.

(8) Build A Government That will provide adequate and modern Housing system for every citizen, Improve infrastructure as well as Basic social Amenities.

(9) Build A Government That will aid and improve the Country's Transportation System, Which will be Environment Friendly. It also aims at providing Good Road Networks within the country in order to aid Quick Access to road transportation nationwide, for Business and Social Activities.

(10) A Government that is Committed in Combating Environmental Pollution, thereby providing Preservation, Conservation & Recycling of Waste Products Generated by its Industrial, and creating Wealth And Employment from it, through Strong Environmental Policies and Frame Works.

(11) To build
(i) a government with an intimidating, corrupt free, digitally inclined, relevant, empowered military.
(ii) a structure that will enforce and enhance good policing and security of lives and properties.

I'll be posting the Whatsaap link to join the different state chapters immediately after this post...

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