Youth Empowerment: Ogunsina Micheal

Cetaris Paribus(All things been equal), by this time next year, those big bosses and political power wielders will come and meet us( the youths) again, they will come as they have always came, they will ask us to mobilize for them, they will beg for our support and give us stipends(miserable money) out of the money they have stolen and expect us to vote for them.

They will promise heaven and earth as their normal practice is, they will give us T-shirts, wristbands, face caps, biros and jotters. They will mobilize us by giving 500k to just 50 people and tell them to begin to bombard the streets with their posters and fliers and their own biological children will be somewhere in Kuala Lumpur or Dubai instachatting, instagramming, tweeting, facebooking and telegramming.

They will build momentum and gather youths giving them crazy assignments............They will buy a major youth leader in the community with their filthy money and that one too will be their face among the young individuals..............

See Nigerian youths, we are not ignorant of the strategies of these evil men at all, we are already preparing for them, during our national congress Barrister Tayo Olakunle Tayo Fapohunda told us that "freedom from oppression is not easily or willingly given by the oppressor, it has to be violently demanded for by the oppressed"........This is our time !


1........Know and understand what FML is all about.
2.......Get your friends and acquaintances involved too.
3.......Work on yourself(capacity building) as I explained yesterday.
4.......Get the contacts of your state coordinator or LGA anchor and relate with him/her
5.......Identify at least two to three strong and influential youth leaders in your area.
6......Approach them in company of your friends and explain the vision of FML to them and why they need to join.
7........Ensure and talk them into starting a youth meeting in the area with your LGA anchor in attendance.
8........Make sure every young person you meet understand what FML is all about.
9......Attend and mobilize your grassroots people to go for state physical meetings and participate.
10.......Use the power and influence of your social media platforms to witness and talk about FML.

These strategies above will also work for campuses and if you will like to host the FML team in your campus, we will come and make young people see reasons why we should we should be given the chance to rule....

Sha Remember I love you all.


Ogunsina Oluwaseun Micheal

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