Do You Know? That FML Is A New Generation and Invention Of An Operating System (OS)?

FML is a new generation and invention of an operating system (OS).....How?

Reason for this campaign and crux of the matter.

Out of 80 million Nigerian youths, we have well over 64 million that are unemployed while 1.8 million are engaged in unskilled labor. There is a need for Nigerian YOUTHS to format the old hard disk and install a 21 Century Operating System for Nigeria to catch up in a skills, talent and knowledge micro/macro economy.

Nigerian Youths cannot continue bearing the brunt of a  leadership that cannot or does not know how to mentor or nurture the young ones. An underutilized work force is a huge setback to development!

If I may ask, what is our offence to deserve this kind of treatment from our leaders?

Fellow Nigerian youths, we just need to rise up and collectively ask for a fare share of what rightfully belongs to us all. 'Ko ye ki Omo alapata ma jee'gun' (if a father is a butcher, his children should eat the fattest cow).

Join FML NOW! For details call your zonal leader:

South-West... Oluwaseyi..... 08034672574

FML.. Thriving Youth
FML.... Together as ONE!
FML......For a knowledge and talents economy.

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